The project

The objectives of the Museum of Maritime Tradition and Sponge – Fishing of Nea Koutali is to highlight the history of islanders of Koutali in their old homeland and the presentation of sponge – fishing , as it has been practiced by people from Koutali in their new homeland, the island of Limnos.

These objectives are supported by three thematic sections of the exhibition, which are developed in such a way that they can be understood by the general public. These sections, “Life of islanders of Koutali before their uprooting”, “Sponge – Fishing at Nea Koutali in Limnos” and “The Archaeological Collection” present a logical sequence governed both by the historical development of the issue and secondly by the visitor’s gradual initiation in one of the most exciting Greek traditional occupations, that of sponge – fishing.

Aegean Solutions S.A. within the project: “Supply of Cultural infrastructure and application development for the Museum of Maritime Tradition and Sponge-Fishing of Nea Koutali” has planned and implement the following tasks:

  • Recording, classification and research documentation of the exhibits of the collection.
  • Writing documentary entries for all the exhibits.
  • Translation (English) of selected text of the recording and the documentation of the exhibits.
  • Photographs – digitization and digital processes.
  • Conservation of selected objects – exhibits of the museum.
  • Implementation of an integrated documentation system, cataloging and management of museum material.
  • Restated of selected exhibits and enrichment of the collection with new exhibits.
  • Developing a new webpage for the museum

All tasks were carried out in collaboration with the museum-curators and several scientists such as archaeologists, museologists and conservators.