The museum


The objectives of the Museum of Maritime Tradition and Sponge – Fishing of Nea Koutali is to highlight the history of islanders of Koutali in their old homeland and the presentation of sponge – fishing , as it has been practiced by people from Koutali in their new homeland, the island of Limnos. These objectives are supported by three thematic sections of the exhibition, which are developed in such a way that they can be understood by the general public. These sections, “Life of islanders of Koutali before their uprooting”, “Sponge – Fishing at Nea Koutali in Limnos” and “The Archaeological Collection” present a logical sequence governed both by the historical development of the issue and secondly by the visitor’s gradual initiation in one of the most exciting Greek traditional occupations, that of sponge – fishing.

The exhibits are mostly donations and demonstrate the cultural sensitivity of people in Koutali, who first granted antiques to the school of their community and later everything they had at home as their cultural heritage.


The Museum is the result of many years of efforts of the villagers of Nea Koutali, which lasted for about forty years, from the 1960s until the opening ceremony of the museum in July 2006 by the Mayor D. Voulgarakis. The Museum was funded by the Community of Nea Koutali, the Municipality of Nea Koutali, the legacy of George Petrides and by “Leader”, the European Initiative. The Museum is housed in an old Community building, formerly used as a community clinic and belongs to the Municipality of Limnos (the former Municipality of Nea Koutali). The building has been renovated, expanded and reformed in order to be suitable to host the archaeological and the modern collection of the Museum.


Aggeliki Simosi, an archaeologist of the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities, has been responsible for the documentary administration and presentation of the objects of the archaeological collection, while the conservation of the antiquities has been made by Smaragda Simeonidou, one of the conservators of the Ephorate. The architect Kostas Damianidis has been responsible for planning the entire exhibition, for the scientific documentation of the newer exhibits and the overall museological administration. The archaeological collection is supervised by the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities and the ΧΧ Ephorate of Classical Antiquities.


The basic principle of the museum is the equal participation of all citizens. That is why particular attention has been given to the access and service of people with disabilities.

The Museum is located at the ground floor of the building, so there is no problem of accessibility for disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility. The toilets are also at the ground floor.


The Museum is located in the central square of the village of Nea Koutali in Limos. Nea Koutali is just 23 km from Myrina, the capital of the island.