The exhibition is divided in the following four parts:

  1. Koutali in the Marmara Sea.
  2. Installation in Nea Koutali and Maritime Professions.
  3. The sponge – fishing in Koutali
  4. The collection of Nea Koutali antiquities.

The newer collection includes the equipment of a sponge – diving boat and a scuba sponge – diver, as well as different catches of species of sponges, old photos from the Koutali island and from Nea Koutali in Limnos, a collection of 10 replicas of Greek traditional vessels, tools, machinery and objects from the local shipyard, as well as relics from the old Koutali in the Marmara Sea.

The archaeological collection includes 106 registered archaeological findings, mainly amphorae, which have been found in ancient shipwrecks or newer ships and have been pulled from the seabed by the sponge – divers of Koutali.

With emphasis on the preservation of the maritime tradition of the islanders of Koutali, efforts have still been continued after the creation of the exhibition in 2004.